Love – pain or gainย 

What is Love???? According to me :

Love is such an elusive and terrifying emotion when it finally takes hold of your life. You simply go from Just liking someone’s presence , talking to them and simply just living in the same world as the person you like.instead of just living your life , you want your life to be lived with that person. Once you start realizing all of this then it’s most likely already too late.

It’s such an abrasive and overwhelming feeling to fall in love with someone.when it first enter your heart , you won’t notice it at first. You will only notice the changes and the only thing you can ever seem to think of is that person and why you can’t always be by their side.did you ever feel waiting for someone even if  you are not talking to each other.Your eyes are searching for one face in a crowd like today is the day when you again meet.

Today ,when every couple is busy celebrating Valentine’s day , there are some people who just want to see their loved ones faces why love is so complicated.?..Why erasing  someone from your life is not as easy as walking out of the door of that person’s home.She was about to step out of the room her feet stuck there for a second when he said in a feeble voice, ‘I thought you were not serious’.

She took a deep breath and said, ” I wish, I didn’t”.And walked away.

To be continued………………………

Say bye – bye to pimples

Pimples are normal skin condition that affect many people.there are a lot of lotions and medicines available in market to treat pimples but they can take now I am going to share my natural tips to avoid pimples and get clear skin.i just want to share these natural methods with all my readers because I have gone through that horrible skin condition and I totally understand how it really feels when everyone arounds you started asking and  making you more conscious about your visible acne or pimple which you are actually trying to hide with make-up. Here I am telling you one important tips – do not  hide your pimples by applying any kind of make-up products or Never use make-up when u have a pimple because in that condition it will grow more and increase in size shape n numbers due to interaction between chemicals and pimple because pimples are highly reactive it increases their numbers whenever your fingertips getting touched into here I am going to share many natural methods that are effective in treating pimples within short period of time with no side effects. First have a look on my skin when I used to get pimples very frequently: 


Ice can be used to quickly reduce redness, swalling and inflammation of help in improving blood circulation to the affected areas and removing dirt and oil.

Wrap ice in peice of cloth and hold it on the affected areas for few seconds 

Wait few minutes then repeat the process.

Tee Tree oil:it has antibacterial properties that help the bacteria that cause these skin issues.

Just dip a cotton ball in tea tree essential oil and dab it on affected areas then rinse it after 15-20minutes.


Apply less quantity of toothpaste over the affected skin area at night

In morning, wash your face with water it will reduce swalling and density.


Most effective to get rid of pimples. Lemon juice help pimples to dry up faster make sure you are using pure and natural lemon juice with no added preservatives.

Dip a clean cotton ball into pure n fresh lemon juice and apply it to pimples before going to bed

Then wash the skin in the morning with lukewarm water.however this remedy is not suitable in case you have a sensitive skin.

These are the simplest way to good bye to pimples I have personally tried and got the results.

Now have a look on my skin after following these remedies: 

And the other side of my skin am zooming these pics so that u can see the difference

Also above all these remedies you need to balance your diet have healthy food green vegetables, seasons fruit and lots of water and don’t forget to use @cleanandclear face wash everyday.i highly recommend this face wash

Me signing off …You stay healthy and gorgeous.

It’s Complicated:~ Finding you I’ve lost myself…….

Where are you ? are you still listening my heartbeat??? Do u still feel the fragrance of my skin?? I don’t know whether I could see you again or not….why you came into my life? Why you spoiled me by giving your endless memories?? 

I don’t understand whether you have improvised the way i Express myself or I started communicating like you..all of sudden the sound of rain and earthy scent has broke the silence and she came out of thousands of memories ,unspoken feelings and unanswered questions and entered into the real world of emptiness….this rain has again refreshed the uncountable memories which she had spent with someone…Yes now he is “someone”.. weekend ,rain and a coffee in her hand,listening to the rain hitting the window and unignored memories that’s how she decided to spend her weekend…each drop of rain touching the ground gave her chills.she moved a bit closer to him and leaned her head against his shoulder and  there existed only his warmth that touched her soul, which could rip her apart in the moment and put her together again..he no longer existed as a person in her life , he was a summation of her feelings, he was her happiness…she remembered that night when she asked him to sing a song for her and while riding a bike,he started to sing her heart skipped a beat. She was so complete.what better she could ask from life , a sweet kick of emotions and a pure feelings which was being attached to him slowly…

And she thought how good it would be if this all go on forever….

In between her memories she took a sip of coffee and realized that she could not make it, the way he made for her.this realization made her smile with the tears in her eyes.she was not able to understand why he has done this…

 She could not forget the day when he admitted ;apart from her, there were a girl in his life and that girl could not live without him also he didn’t have guts to admit all these Infront of that girl.

She experienced a million of emotions that very she never shared her emotions Infront of him as they never thought of being together throughout their life as they were just spending some time to fill their empty life as there were no commitment asked by anyone as they just liked their company as they were more than friend and less than a couple as they both have had a relationship before as they never decided their future together……….

Because she never wanted to love someone else again.but it happened again,she didn’t understand why these feelings were all coming when they have never thought of being together. After one unsuccessful relationship she didn’t want anymore so she has decided not to be in a serious relationship anymore but again she was feeling the same….why???? She asked herself why I was feeling so bad if he wanted to leave her we have never given commitment to each other as I never wanted to be in love again then why the hell these feelings are coming??? As this was the second Time she was feeling the same pain which she has felt before in her previous relationship.

Tears rolled down her cheek that very moment as she recollected herself and stopped herself by thinking all these meaningless thoughts…. she didn’t want to break their relationship. she didn’t want to be a home breaker because she knew the pain of heart break..she killed her every emotion and replied that she didn’t care whether he would stay or not ….she didn’t love him and if he wanted to leave her he could…by saying this she reassured herself, it’s a part of loving someone that sometime you have to give up your aspirations for them, while other times you have to give them up for your aspirations.
 She wondered she could  Tell him once “Without you in my arms,I feel an emptiness in my soul. I find myself searching the crowd for your face-I know it’s an impossibility, but I can’t help myself”.

Somewhere between Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction ๐Ÿ˜‡


Hello Reader !!!! Have you ever felt unhappy without any reason ?? Are you really satisfied with what you have?? Have you ever felt you got stuck in your past ?? Or you are chasing the wrong things and being pessimistic???? So this blog is for you ….. Feel free and give some time to yourself , talk to yourself and evaluate profit & loss also UpTo which extends dissatisfaction is good???

When I speak about ‘dissatisfied people’ I do not mean those who work hard & strive to achieve their ambitions by developing their intellectual, physical or creative potential. There is nothing wrong with striving for these goals.

A well said statement” striving is living or being alive”. But if you chose to be happy or satisfied only when all of Your dreams come true; it’s wrong.

Satisfaction is not determined by what’s happening around you,but rather what’s happening inside you.

Today’s morning when I spoke to my friend about her problem. she said ,she wake up unhappy every day.before she  even gets out of bed,she feels negativity all around. The world simply doesn’t look like a happy place to her.also she mentioned to me,she knows her life is generally pretty good.yet she still asked me,why am I always so unhappy??”I think Many people Wake up with this same question in their heads.every morning they begin their day wondering why things are so bad,why life is not fun & enjoyable why a dark cloud Always seems to hover around them.ofcourse some people feel unhappy & dissatisfied because they are clinically be sure & careful about your health issues.

When you are in a state of near constant negativity and dissatisfaction with life, it’s hard to believe that happiness comes from can it come from within when within you feel so unhappy??how can you make yourself feel Happy when you are not??   As my previous blogs we need to make an effort to eliminate the conditions, behaviour and thoughts that Foster dissatisfaction.

You may not realize it,but these little things are making you unhappy let’s look at these for a minute…..

You are bored: when you Don’t have something going on in your life that is fun, engaging or challenging, you feel bored.staying active & around positive people is a great antidote.

You hate your job: just giving yourself permission to look will give you a happiness booster.try to find the solutions.exactly what is making you unhappy.
You are in debt or you compare yourself to others: just beginning the process of paying off your debt will make you feel lighter also stop comparing & start creating yourself as I always say” be unique,be you”.

You hold grudges: anger is an acid that can do more harm than any other things.holding grudges is same as drinking poison & waiting for the other person to die. The person who criticized you is probably having a great time without giving you a second thought,while you are wasting your time sending them death rays with your mind.

You expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair: if so, then you are fooling yourself.

Being pessimistic: you will notice all of the bad in your life. The more you focus on the sunshine,the less the shadows will invade your perspective.

You are lonely: if you find yourself alone on weekends, make an effort to change it.

Stop chasing the wrong things: when you stop chasing the wrong things , you allow the right things to catch you.

You are stuck in your past or want perfect life also you are insecure & not learning: stop being worried or insecure let yourself Free start learning new things you will find that the excitement of learning brings you extra spring.

Spend some quality time alone: as per Martin Buber” solitude is the place of purification”. wether it’s having a coffee under tree or taking a weekend Long trip through mountains.just Try to give yourself some alone time with nature.

You don’t sleep enough: if you are not sleeping well, it’s time to remedy this issue.

You have no spiritual life:

Many studies have shown a correlation between spirituality & increased happiness. I am not only speaking about worshipping but also in support of valuing principles of sensitivity to other living things.according to Clarence Clemons: In the mental calmness of a spiritual life, I have found that the answer to the why in our lives are able to come to you.

Finding Satisfaction Through Meditation: meditation is food for the soul.the rest in meditation is deeper than the deepest Sleep that you can ever have.when the mind becomes free from agitation,is calm  & serene  & at peace, meditation happens.

Benefits of meditation:

  •  A calm mind
  • Good concentration
  • Clarity of perception
  • Improvement in communication
  • An unshakable inner strength

Simple  & effective meditation tips to help a beginner:

  • Choose a convenient time & place and wear comfortable clothes also keep your cellphone off for that period of time.
  • Sit comfortably with a light stomach.start with some warm up exercises, Deep breath.
  • Smile and more……
  • There is no time limit, start by meditating for 10-15minutes.

If you are one of those who find forgiveness difficult then regular meditation is just the ticket for you.!!.

Beauty tips: hello to all lovelies !!! Meditation makes you feel alive and meditation is one of the most effective solution to all your beauty related problems. It makes you feel younger,active and positive naturally.try it , feel the nature & fragrance of natural beauty.

Here It is very important to clear one thing about satisfaction & dissatisfaction also difference between dissatisfaction and hunger.

I do agree that satisfaction build up your personality but dissatisfaction help you to find the personality in you. Dissatisfaction is good.(if you take it in a positive way)

If you agree with above sentences that means Actually you are satisfied with yourself & what you have achieved, now you just want more sense of achievement, also the periodical success plays a role of encouragement giving you hint that you can do better.that’s why you are always working hard & “feel dissatisfied” so there is nothing wrong with it but you need to know the difference between dissatisfaction & hunger if you will take dissatisfaction negatively you will Start blaming yourself and will put all your efforts in negative directions.

So take a deep breath ,Relax and grateful for what you have achieved because many people are dying to be in the position that you are in. Now , with this sense of achievement and satisfaction push yourself in a right direction and work hard.

At the end: when it comes to achieve your dreams “stay dissatisfied” & achieve your best and it goes…. always score 9.5/10 in every battle of your life because 0.5 is always there for the scope of improvement but internally if you will not feel satisfied, it will never meditation plays a vital role to understand the difference between these two things.So always maintain the balance between Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction.

Me signing off : you stay healthy, keep calm , stay natural, be beautiful inside and out.Try to focus on what you have instead of what you are Missing and achieve your best.

Be you the beautiful You:It’s time to redefine ‘Beauty’

“What is beauty “? This question has always been a Matter of debate. Some believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some say face is the mirror of our personality or identity.

What is beauty ? Is a question that we need to ask is easy for anyone to criticize any definition of beauty since it is difficult to define is complicated , beauty deserves to be discussed and debated.

We say “beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your is not something physical”.

Really ?? Do we really believe  ??how many of us don’t feel attracted towards outer appearance  ?? Being beautiful these days means a lot. We care too much of what others think about us , we compare our beauty to others, we are obsessed with being pretty ,why are we so obsessed with people thinking we are beautiful? 

The reason is “society”. Society wants you to think being beautiful is everything. We are obsessed with being beautiful because we want to get the attention or may be we want to follow society,or we don’t want to be called an overage looking person. The reason could be anything but it’s sad……’s really sad…. especially with girls who don’t look as good as model fall into depression because they think they won’t fit in society because they think they are ugly.

Here I want to clear one thing that neither I am against of fashion / beauty nor i am saying being fashionable or brand conscious is bad but being obsessed without knowing the facts and without thinking of what suits you the best,is not appropriate.

So I suggest that you be satisfied with what you have.You are beautiful person no matter what people tell you.

The most important thing is,’you need to love you and look good to impress you, not anyone else.’

If you are putting on makeup and going around in the latest fashion makes you feel good ,go ahead & do it !! But make sure that you are doing it for you & not for anyone else !! That’s the first and foremost thing, you make yourself feel good !!!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

There’s No issue with being fashionable,or concerned about our outer appearance(physical appearance) I do it too !!! But at the same time , what about the beauty within ? Do you do kind things for others ? What is the most recent kind, generous, unselfish thing you have done ?? Ask yourself ??   ๐Ÿ˜‡

Don’t follow the trend,don’t go with the flow. Create your own identity,your own style in which you are comfortable,which suits you the best,defines you,which is for you , don’t think wether it will go with latest trend or not, be your own kind of beautiful & enjoy your style & your self.

Be it Indian attire or Western,if you are comfortable to wear,it is the best for you.if it’s giving you happiness,if it completes you then there’s no other alternative of that thing.

Don’t hesitate while experimenting with your style and make-up.

Every skin tone & size  is best if you know the real you & your beauty.

Yes, you the real You is beautiful…. if you know, you are born that way. I really appreciate the way “Dove” and  #allaboutyoufromdeepikapadukoneuse their real beauty campaign to widen the narrow standards of beauty by showcasing models with a diverse range of body & skin types.

If i am saying “everyone is beautiful” that means everyone has unique quality & identity which makes themselves beautiful in their own means that everyone is valuable,has Worth, unique qualities that make them interesting , important & someone to be loved.

Nothing makes you more beautiful than the belief that you are…..๐Ÿ‘ธ

Improving your personality and appearance and keep maintaining & grooming ourselves is Not bad but being obsessed or comparing ourselves to others & feeling dissatisfied is !!!!

Concerned about our beauty or personality is not bad but being obsessed is!!!!

Admiring or appreciating someone’s appearance is not bad but Judging someone on their physical appearance is !!!!  

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, don’t be so obsessed to follow the trend blindly.

Always try to be a trendsetter, let you define the beauty in your own way.

I want to tell you something, whoever you are,i don’t know if you are beautiful,funny, musical, interesting, caring, diligent, friendly, different, athletic or anything else but I know this: You are valuable,important, worth loving and interesting. It’s just you need to groom yourself to make a better You from inside and outside both.And for this I am gonna share some known – unknown lifestyle planner & beauty tips which I personally follow and trust me it will enhance your beauty naturally and you’ll feel more confident.Planner to be followed:

  • Start your day with Yoga and Surya- Namaskaar. 
  • Drink lots of water to get clear skin.

  • Bring Patanjali’s Amla – karela juice into consideration.I strongly recommend ayurveda and chemical- free home remedies because natural product has no side effects.@ really appreciate your natural productHow to use:- mix 10-20ml of juice with water & consume twice before meal.    Benefits:-

    1. It is a natural blood purifier.useful in Anemia, intestinal worms & ulcer.
    2. It gives you beautiful,glowing, problem free skin.
    3. Bitter gourd is powerful Antioxidant.
    4. Regular drinking can help in weight loss.
    5. Good for healthy hair.
    6. Get rid of ugly pimples.
    7. Get smooth & flawless skin.

    • Do Not Skip your break fast,your breakfast must contain fiber,vitamins and fruits.
    • Always eat your lunch between 1-2pm.Follow a balanced diet,it reflects externally.
    • If your digestion is not good,you will face lots of skin issues,it is the main cause of pimples,acne,& uneven skin tone.
    • Always take your dinner 2hr before sleep.
    • Don’t forget to Smile as I always say.
    • And last but not the least nightly 8 hr sleep to avoid Stress,dark-circle, indigestion and to make your lifestyle and mind healthier.

    Most important thing ‘the beauty comes from the inside not the outside.’ beauty is a light in the heart. if you are not beautiful internally then above planner is useless because elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the be beautiful inside and out.

    Me signing off ๐Ÿ™‹ :   ๐Ÿ‘‰ Be real, Be beautiful  ๐Ÿ‘ธ , Do kind  ๐Ÿ‘ผ & Generous things for others  and Don’t forget to care your inner beautiful soul  ๐Ÿ˜‡ with your outer appearance ๐Ÿ‘ธ.

    Remarkable personality :The most common desire

    Before we start just one question” Did you smile today”? If no then, Smile ๐Ÿ˜if you truly desire to improve your personality and your entire life then this is an actual skill that you can develop with practice so always keep that smile glowing on your face.An attractive smile can improve your personality.

    Hello people, I am back with my new blog & it’s all about enhancing personality & being noticeable with a remarkable sense of humor.

    Laughter & humor : now the question arises ……what does a good sense of humor actually means? Is it the ability to memorize & tell jokes ? Is it the ability to understand jokes & laugh at them ? Is it the ability to do something stupid & laugh at urself  ? What exactly it is ? & Why it is considered as very important aspect of one’s personality? How it is going to help you to get a remarkable personality?

    So first of all you must need to know the actual meaning of having a good sense of humor. A good sense of humor doesn’t mean memorizing jokes  & jamming them into conversation.A good sense of humor responds to the flow of conversation in ways that are creative  & entertaining. 

    Your sense of humor is the most powerful tool you have to make yourself healthy & being noticeable.Life is complex enough in itself . And we need to make it simple  because a good health and a happy life is a choice as I said in my previous blog living life is an art  &  our  duty is to make it a fun & pleasant to get a remarkable personality , stress free & successfull  life.

    Smile and make others smile with the capability of having ultimate sense of humor.

    • Make sure you will do funny things at the right time.

    Having good sense of humor means being able to laugh , stress-free and a healthy lifestyle. So here I am going to tell you the Secret of being healthy & how a good sense of humor will help you maintaining a healthy lifestyle :

    • Humor  & laughter strengthen your immune system,boost your energy, diminish pain & protects you from damaging effects of of all,this price less medicine is fun,free & easy to use.
    • Humor relaxes the whole body: according to a recent survey ; A good laugh relieves physical tension & stress , leaving your muscles relaxed for UpTo 45 minutes after .
    • Boost the immune system : laughter decreases stress  & increases immune cells, infection fighting antibodies thus improving your resistance to disease.
    • It also trigger the release of endorphins: body’s natural feel-good chemicals and can even temporarily relieve pain.
    • It also increases the blood flow resulting healthy body with healthy heart.
    • The positive feelings you get when laughing Will increase energy for your brain & body.

    A good sense of humor is not only helpful to get a healthier Life but also help you to achieve success at work by enhancing your personality. it is believed that employees are much more comfortable using humor with colleagues than they are with their face a higher risk factor when joking around with your boss because you just don’t know how your light-hearted Ness may be for that just simple tips : be funny but not snarky understand the situation &act accordingly,do funny things at right time.

    According to international survey for instance found that 91โ„… of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career growth while 84โ„…feel that people with a good sense of humor do a better job.

    It is believed that a good sense of humor is a key to success at work: obviously if you have a good sense of humor people will enjoy working with you and they will like you more.

    You need to be funny,but not snarky ,u can’t offend anyone.This is the quality which make you extraordinary in the crowd.

    Humor is potent stress buster : establishes fertile environment for innovation because people are more inspired when they are relaxed.

    People who use humor tend to be more approachable also it increase productivity.

    People with good sense of humor(not cynical nor sarcastic)are viewed as more intelligent, approachable & trust worthy.

    People with good sense of humor have a better sense of life. I am going to share simple tips that will help you to enhance your sense of humor & giving you noticeable personality: 

    • I have been practicing an interesting exercise every morning that sound weird but very useful ; I wake up & the first thing I do is ‘smile’.
    • This exercise has made it easier for me to be pleasant throughout my day.

    So Smile ๐Ÿ˜ because it’s the beginning . enjoy things that make you laugh or smile and allowing you to see situations in a more realistic way.

    Generally,a good sense of humor is absolutely Vital to your own well being. Science has shown that it provides internal massage that actually cleanses & relaxes your organs , resulting u will feel more youthful and vibrant.

    your blessings: as I mentioned in previous blog as well, make a list! The simple act of considering the good things in your life will distance you from negative thoughts

    When you hear laughter move towards it & notice what’s funny?

      • Spend time with playful & fun loving people.
      • Bring humor into conversations, there is a excellent book out by Melvin Helitzer called’comedy writing secrets’i recommend this book if you are interested in improving humor skills.
      • Make sure you will do funny things at the right time.
      • Take your self less seriously.

      Ask yourself these questions for lightening up: 

        1. Is it really worth getting upset over?
        2. Is it worth upsetting others?
        3. Is it that important?
        4. Is it that bad?
        5. Is the situation irreparable?
        6. Is it really your problem?

        • Simple suggestions : get comfortable with your self & your opinions about life.
        • Life is too short to complain  & to cry over small things.wake up , get up , smile and make it worth.Understand No one has a perfect life, being imperfect is the ultimate perfection.
        • You are the only creator of your life so keep moving in positive direction.
        • Now it’s up to you,u have the key, but you must open the door yourself !

        Me signing off here : Never stop learning ,keep improving & Don’t forget to smile……….

        Stress-free Life : most desirable need

        Hello Reader, today we will discuss about the most common issue that we all are facing these days and how to deal with it.

        If i ask anyone of you , if u have ever been stressed or angry? The answer , invariably ,be yes. Stress is very much common amongst people living in today’s era of cut-throat competition.

        According to Mr.George Shaw, “people become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burden is attached to them.” 

         The first step towards stress management is identifying the source of stress in our life.common practices like: smoking,drinking,over-eating/under-eating,being withdrawn/reserved,sleeping too much , procrastinating etc,may temporarily reduce stress but they cause more damage in the long run.

        Moreover there’s no “one size fits all”solution for stress as everyone has a unique response to it.but we should try experimenting with various methods to see which one helps.just start living ur the question is:Are we really living our life? living a life is an art,unfortunately very few of us know this art.Inshort,’Live life like it’s ur last day’-a very famous line but hardly followed by us.the art of living is to combine those things that makes us happier into the fabric of our lives.just make sure u take time to stop & think about the things that really make u happy&how ur life support them,start factoring them into ur routine now.

        According to a recent survey,”Daily hassles accounted for 88.2โ„…of environmental stressor.daily hassles responsible for 77.3โ„…of the interpersonal sources of stress &67.2โ„…of the academic /professional sources of stress.overall 81.1โ„…of the identified stress sources could b classified as daily hassles. Now the question is: how to deal with stress these days? Apparently,we seem helpless when it comes to stress handling.”the key is to develop a positive attitude,stop procrastinating & start acting.”learn to enjoy,be happy now,don’t wait for someone else to make u happy,at the end u are the only one who can make urself happy & more important….. it’s never too late to find out how to do it.

        Always remember nothing is worth it If u r not happy.

        • Take a pen & paper start writing about your current problems& how to overcome from this make a list what makes you happy.
        • Point wise calculate pros & cons  of your decisions.give urself 15 minutes daily for self-evaluation.Set ur goals with positive thinking.
        • Accept the things u can’t change.if u can  & want to change them,do it.
        • Let go of the people who are holding you down.
        • Listen  ur favorite music before going on a bed & remind urself what Are the good things that you have ever done in life & priceless moments that make u feel alive.
        •  You are your own biggest critic, just remind urself that it’s okay not to be perfect.Love urself & realize that they are not faults, not imperfections,they make u,’you’.

        God will never give u anything u can’t handle,so evict the “why me”attitude.always try to look at the positive side.

        Never let the problem get you stressed,tackle them in a such way that even the problems get impressed.

        Me signing off here: Thank-you & have a stress-free Life.