Hello Reader, today we will discuss about the most common issue that we all are facing these days and how to deal with it.

If i ask anyone of you , if u have ever been stressed or angry? The answer , invariably ,be yes. Stress is very much common amongst people living in today’s era of cut-throat competition.

According to Mr.George Shaw, “people become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burden is attached to them.” 

 The first step towards stress management is identifying the source of stress in our life.common practices like: smoking,drinking,over-eating/under-eating,being withdrawn/reserved,sleeping too much , procrastinating etc,may temporarily reduce stress but they cause more damage in the long run.

Moreover there’s no “one size fits all”solution for stress as everyone has a unique response to it.but we should try experimenting with various methods to see which one helps.just start living ur life.now the question is:Are we really living our life? living a life is an art,unfortunately very few of us know this art.Inshort,’Live life like it’s ur last day’-a very famous line but hardly followed by us.the art of living is to combine those things that makes us happier into the fabric of our lives.just make sure u take time to stop & think about the things that really make u happy&how ur life support them,start factoring them into ur routine now.

According to a recent survey,”Daily hassles accounted for 88.2℅of environmental stressor.daily hassles responsible for 77.3℅of the interpersonal sources of stress &67.2℅of the academic /professional sources of stress.overall 81.1℅of the identified stress sources could b classified as daily hassles. Now the question is: how to deal with stress these days? Apparently,we seem helpless when it comes to stress handling.”the key is to develop a positive attitude,stop procrastinating & start acting.”learn to enjoy,be happy now,don’t wait for someone else to make u happy,at the end u are the only one who can make urself happy & more important….. it’s never too late to find out how to do it.

Always remember nothing is worth it If u r not happy.

  • Take a pen & paper start writing about your current problems& how to overcome from this situation.now make a list what makes you happy.
  • Point wise calculate pros & cons  of your decisions.give urself 15 minutes daily for self-evaluation.Set ur goals with positive thinking.
  • Accept the things u can’t change.if u can  & want to change them,do it.
  • Let go of the people who are holding you down.
  • Listen  ur favorite music before going on a bed & remind urself what Are the good things that you have ever done in life & priceless moments that make u feel alive.
  •  You are your own biggest critic, just remind urself that it’s okay not to be perfect.Love urself & realize that they are not faults, not imperfections,they make u,’you’.

God will never give u anything u can’t handle,so evict the “why me”attitude.always try to look at the positive side.

Never let the problem get you stressed,tackle them in a such way that even the problems get impressed.

Me signing off here: Thank-you & have a stress-free Life.