Before we start just one question” Did you smile today”? If no then, Smile 😁if you truly desire to improve your personality and your entire life then this is an actual skill that you can develop with practice so always keep that smile glowing on your face.An attractive smile can improve your personality.

Hello people, I am back with my new blog & it’s all about enhancing personality & being noticeable with a remarkable sense of humor.

Laughter & humor : now the question arises ……what does a good sense of humor actually means? Is it the ability to memorize & tell jokes ? Is it the ability to understand jokes & laugh at them ? Is it the ability to do something stupid & laugh at urself  ? What exactly it is ? & Why it is considered as very important aspect of one’s personality? How it is going to help you to get a remarkable personality?

So first of all you must need to know the actual meaning of having a good sense of humor. A good sense of humor doesn’t mean memorizing jokes  & jamming them into conversation.A good sense of humor responds to the flow of conversation in ways that are creative  & entertaining. 

Your sense of humor is the most powerful tool you have to make yourself healthy & being noticeable.Life is complex enough in itself . And we need to make it simple  because a good health and a happy life is a choice as I said in my previous blog living life is an art  &  our  duty is to make it a fun & pleasant to get a remarkable personality , stress free & successfull  life.

Smile and make others smile with the capability of having ultimate sense of humor.

  • Make sure you will do funny things at the right time.

Having good sense of humor means being able to laugh , stress-free and a healthy lifestyle. So here I am going to tell you the Secret of being healthy & how a good sense of humor will help you maintaining a healthy lifestyle :

  • Humor  & laughter strengthen your immune system,boost your energy, diminish pain & protects you from damaging effects of of all,this price less medicine is fun,free & easy to use.
  • Humor relaxes the whole body: according to a recent survey ; A good laugh relieves physical tension & stress , leaving your muscles relaxed for UpTo 45 minutes after .
  • Boost the immune system : laughter decreases stress  & increases immune cells, infection fighting antibodies thus improving your resistance to disease.
  • It also trigger the release of endorphins: body’s natural feel-good chemicals and can even temporarily relieve pain.
  • It also increases the blood flow resulting healthy body with healthy heart.
  • The positive feelings you get when laughing Will increase energy for your brain & body.

A good sense of humor is not only helpful to get a healthier Life but also help you to achieve success at work by enhancing your personality. it is believed that employees are much more comfortable using humor with colleagues than they are with their face a higher risk factor when joking around with your boss because you just don’t know how your light-hearted Ness may be for that just simple tips : be funny but not snarky understand the situation &act accordingly,do funny things at right time.

According to international survey for instance found that 91℅ of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career growth while 84℅feel that people with a good sense of humor do a better job.

It is believed that a good sense of humor is a key to success at work: obviously if you have a good sense of humor people will enjoy working with you and they will like you more.

You need to be funny,but not snarky ,u can’t offend anyone.This is the quality which make you extraordinary in the crowd.

Humor is potent stress buster : establishes fertile environment for innovation because people are more inspired when they are relaxed.

People who use humor tend to be more approachable also it increase productivity.

People with good sense of humor(not cynical nor sarcastic)are viewed as more intelligent, approachable & trust worthy.

People with good sense of humor have a better sense of life. I am going to share simple tips that will help you to enhance your sense of humor & giving you noticeable personality: 

  • I have been practicing an interesting exercise every morning that sound weird but very useful ; I wake up & the first thing I do is ‘smile’.
  • This exercise has made it easier for me to be pleasant throughout my day.

So Smile 😁 because it’s the beginning . enjoy things that make you laugh or smile and allowing you to see situations in a more realistic way.

Generally,a good sense of humor is absolutely Vital to your own well being. Science has shown that it provides internal massage that actually cleanses & relaxes your organs , resulting u will feel more youthful and vibrant.

your blessings: as I mentioned in previous blog as well, make a list! The simple act of considering the good things in your life will distance you from negative thoughts

When you hear laughter move towards it & notice what’s funny?

    • Spend time with playful & fun loving people.
    • Bring humor into conversations, there is a excellent book out by Melvin Helitzer called’comedy writing secrets’i recommend this book if you are interested in improving humor skills.
    • Make sure you will do funny things at the right time.
    • Take your self less seriously.

    Ask yourself these questions for lightening up: 

      1. Is it really worth getting upset over?
      2. Is it worth upsetting others?
      3. Is it that important?
      4. Is it that bad?
      5. Is the situation irreparable?
      6. Is it really your problem?

      • Simple suggestions : get comfortable with your self & your opinions about life.
      • Life is too short to complain  & to cry over small things.wake up , get up , smile and make it worth.Understand No one has a perfect life, being imperfect is the ultimate perfection.
      • You are the only creator of your life so keep moving in positive direction.
      • Now it’s up to you,u have the key, but you must open the door yourself !

      Me signing off here : Never stop learning ,keep improving & Don’t forget to smile……….