“What is beauty “? This question has always been a Matter of debate. Some believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some say face is the mirror of our personality or identity.

What is beauty ? Is a question that we need to ask ourselves.it is easy for anyone to criticize any definition of beauty since it is difficult to define it.beauty is complicated , beauty deserves to be discussed and debated.

We say “beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes.it is not something physical”.

Really ?? Do we really believe  ??how many of us don’t feel attracted towards outer appearance  ?? Being beautiful these days means a lot. We care too much of what others think about us , we compare our beauty to others, we are obsessed with being pretty ,why are we so obsessed with people thinking we are beautiful? 

The reason is “society”. Society wants you to think being beautiful is everything. We are obsessed with being beautiful because we want to get the attention or may be we want to follow society,or we don’t want to be called an overage looking person. The reason could be anything but it’s sad……..it’s really sad…. especially with girls who don’t look as good as model fall into depression because they think they won’t fit in society because they think they are ugly.

Here I want to clear one thing that neither I am against of fashion / beauty nor i am saying being fashionable or brand conscious is bad but being obsessed without knowing the facts and without thinking of what suits you the best,is not appropriate.

So I suggest that you be satisfied with what you have.You are beautiful person no matter what people tell you.

The most important thing is,’you need to love you and look good to impress you, not anyone else.’

If you are putting on makeup and going around in the latest fashion makes you feel good ,go ahead & do it !! But make sure that you are doing it for you & not for anyone else !! That’s the first and foremost thing, you make yourself feel good !!!!πŸ˜ƒ

There’s No issue with being fashionable,or concerned about our outer appearance(physical appearance) I do it too !!! But at the same time , what about the beauty within ? Do you do kind things for others ? What is the most recent kind, generous, unselfish thing you have done ?? Ask yourself ??   πŸ˜‡

Don’t follow the trend,don’t go with the flow. Create your own identity,your own style in which you are comfortable,which suits you the best,defines you,which is for you , don’t think wether it will go with latest trend or not, be your own kind of beautiful & enjoy your style & your self.

Be it Indian attire or Western,if you are comfortable to wear,it is the best for you.if it’s giving you happiness,if it completes you then there’s no other alternative of that thing.

Don’t hesitate while experimenting with your style and make-up.

Every skin tone & size  is best if you know the real you & your beauty.

Yes, you the real You is beautiful…. if you know, you are born that way. I really appreciate the way “Dove” and http://allaboutyou.in/.  #allaboutyoufromdeepikapadukoneuse their real beauty campaign to widen the narrow standards of beauty by showcasing models with a diverse range of body & skin types.

If i am saying “everyone is beautiful” that means everyone has unique quality & identity which makes themselves beautiful in their own way.it means that everyone is valuable,has Worth, unique qualities that make them interesting , important & someone to be loved.

Nothing makes you more beautiful than the belief that you are…..πŸ‘Έ

Improving your personality and appearance and keep maintaining & grooming ourselves is Not bad but being obsessed or comparing ourselves to others & feeling dissatisfied is !!!!

Concerned about our beauty or personality is not bad but being obsessed is!!!!

Admiring or appreciating someone’s appearance is not bad but Judging someone on their physical appearance is !!!!  

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, don’t be so obsessed to follow the trend blindly.

Always try to be a trendsetter, let you define the beauty in your own way.

I want to tell you something, whoever you are,i don’t know if you are beautiful,funny, musical, interesting, caring, diligent, friendly, different, athletic or anything else but I know this: You are valuable,important, worth loving and interesting. It’s just you need to groom yourself to make a better You from inside and outside both.And for this I am gonna share some known – unknown lifestyle planner & beauty tips which I personally follow and trust me it will enhance your beauty naturally and you’ll feel more confident.Planner to be followed:

  • Start your day with Yoga and Surya- Namaskaar. 
  • Drink lots of water to get clear skin.

  • Bring Patanjali’s Amla – karela juice into consideration.I strongly recommend ayurveda and chemical- free home remedies because natural product has no side effects.@
    patanjaliayurveda.com really appreciate your natural productHow to use:- mix 10-20ml of juice with water & consume twice before meal.    Benefits:-

    1. It is a natural blood purifier.useful in Anemia, intestinal worms & ulcer.
    2. It gives you beautiful,glowing, problem free skin.
    3. Bitter gourd is powerful Antioxidant.
    4. Regular drinking can help in weight loss.
    5. Good for healthy hair.
    6. Get rid of ugly pimples.
    7. Get smooth & flawless skin.

    • Do Not Skip your break fast,your breakfast must contain fiber,vitamins and fruits.
    • Always eat your lunch between 1-2pm.Follow a balanced diet,it reflects externally.
    • If your digestion is not good,you will face lots of skin issues,it is the main cause of pimples,acne,& uneven skin tone.
    • Always take your dinner 2hr before sleep.
    • Don’t forget to Smile as I always say.
    • And last but not the least nightly 8 hr sleep to avoid Stress,dark-circle, indigestion and to make your lifestyle and mind healthier.

    Most important thing ‘the beauty comes from the inside not the outside.’ beauty is a light in the heart. if you are not beautiful internally then above planner is useless because elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.so be beautiful inside and out.

    Me signing off πŸ™‹ :   πŸ‘‰ Be real, Be beautiful  πŸ‘Έ , Do kind  πŸ‘Ό & Generous things for others  and Don’t forget to care your inner beautiful soul  πŸ˜‡ with your outer appearance πŸ‘Έ.