Pimples are normal skin condition that affect many people.there are a lot of lotions and medicines available in market to treat pimples but they can take time.so now I am going to share my natural tips to avoid pimples and get clear skin.i just want to share these natural methods with all my readers because I have gone through that horrible skin condition and I totally understand how it really feels when everyone arounds you started asking and  making you more conscious about your visible acne or pimple which you are actually trying to hide with make-up. Here I am telling you one important tips – do not  hide your pimples by applying any kind of make-up products or Never use make-up when u have a pimple because in that condition it will grow more and increase in size shape n numbers due to interaction between chemicals and pimple because pimples are highly reactive it increases their numbers whenever your fingertips getting touched into it.so here I am going to share many natural methods that are effective in treating pimples within short period of time with no side effects. First have a look on my skin when I used to get pimples very frequently: 


Ice can be used to quickly reduce redness, swalling and inflammation of pimples.it help in improving blood circulation to the affected areas and removing dirt and oil.

Wrap ice in peice of cloth and hold it on the affected areas for few seconds 

Wait few minutes then repeat the process.

Tee Tree oil:it has antibacterial properties that help the bacteria that cause these skin issues.

Just dip a cotton ball in tea tree essential oil and dab it on affected areas then rinse it after 15-20minutes.


Apply less quantity of toothpaste over the affected skin area at night

In morning, wash your face with water it will reduce swalling and density.


Most effective to get rid of pimples. Lemon juice help pimples to dry up faster make sure you are using pure and natural lemon juice with no added preservatives.

Dip a clean cotton ball into pure n fresh lemon juice and apply it to pimples before going to bed

Then wash the skin in the morning with lukewarm water.however this remedy is not suitable in case you have a sensitive skin.

These are the simplest way to good bye to pimples I have personally tried and got the results.

Now have a look on my skin after following these remedies: 

And the other side of my skin am zooming these pics so that u can see the difference

Also above all these remedies you need to balance your diet have healthy food green vegetables, seasons fruit and lots of water and don’t forget to use @cleanandclear face wash everyday.i highly recommend this face wash www.cleanandclear.in

Me signing off …You stay healthy and gorgeous.