What is Love???? According to me :

Love is such an elusive and terrifying emotion when it finally takes hold of your life. You simply go from Just liking someone’s presence , talking to them and simply just living in the same world as the person you like.instead of just living your life , you want your life to be lived with that person. Once you start realizing all of this then it’s most likely already too late.

It’s such an abrasive and overwhelming feeling to fall in love with someone.when it first enter your heart , you won’t notice it at first. You will only notice the changes and the only thing you can ever seem to think of is that person and why you can’t always be by their side.did you ever feel waiting for someone even if  you are not talking to each other.Your eyes are searching for one face in a crowd like today is the day when you again meet.

Today ,when every couple is busy celebrating Valentine’s day , there are some people who just want to see their loved ones faces why love is so complicated.?..Why erasing  someone from your life is not as easy as walking out of the door of that person’s home.She was about to step out of the room her feet stuck there for a second when he said in a feeble voice, ‘I thought you were not serious’.

She took a deep breath and said, ” I wish, I didn’t”.And walked away.

To be continued………………………